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Saturday, 25 August 2007

Do you remember...

Do you remember the times when we chatted endlessly during lectures, oblivious to what was being taught? Or the times last year when Chia Ming suddenly broke out laughing and the whole class (together with all the other people in the lecture hall) turned in her direction?

Well, its our last lecture already.

x x x

Do you remember the times when we had tutorials in the STP classroom and talked during tutorials, amusing ourselves?

Well, its our last tutorial already.

x x x

Do you remember the times when we slept/did hw/did nothing/talked to mr lee during CT session, all the while moaning about how useless that period was?

Well, its our last CT session already (and we promptly spent it eating pizza while the other classes were listening to some boring briefing in the audi!).

x x x

Do you remember the times when we enjoyed each other's company at the class bench before school started, and how the class bench became our little home in school, where we always make sure we take a detour through when walking to the bus stop, because we want to see whos there? Well, its one of our last times at the class bench already.

When we come back next year to get our A level results, our new junior class will occupy our class bench, other people will fill up the lecture halls, the tutorial classrooms, and the school walkways. It won't be the same anymore... and we won't able to be together as a class again...

Whatever the case, I'm so glad to have been part of this class. Though its not a perfect class, but its one that has given me lots of joy and laughter - and that im thankful for. Thank you to each and everyone of you for making hwachong life so memorable for me! its been a WONDERFUL journey with you guys!!! =)

Kai Herng

For the other photos in their full resolution, please visit: Click on the magnifying glass thing in the image to view in full size. (To JR: Sorry I forgot to give u the link last nite!)


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