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Friday, 25 May 2007

happy holidays and time for a class outing

Hey 7d! =)

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!! =) =) =)

In the midst of mugging, don't forget to enjoy YOUR LAST EVER JUNE HOLIDAYS. Sad rite? Our 12th and final june holidays and we're gonna waste it mugging… haiz… =(

Anyway lets have a class outing on 29th May (Tuesday)!

On the sign-up sheet passed around during Chem/Econs lecture yesterday, 9 people said they'll go for POTC and 12 indicated interest in kbox. So that's exactly what we'll do!

Venue: Marina Square
Meeting Place and Time: City Hall MRT control station 10:30am
Date: 29th May Tuesday

1) Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End
Showtimes: 9:45AM 10:15AM 11:10AM 1:25PM 1:45PM 2:30PM 5:05PM 5:15PM 6:00PM 8:45PM 9:30PM

2) KBox
Some basic info on this… there's 3 packages of interest to students. =)

(a) KLunch
11am to 2pm (3 hours). Check in at 11am and you can sing till 2, and there'll be a free Japanese set lunch and a soft/hot drink provided. But if you check in at 12:30pm for example, they'll let you enjoy the same food + drinks + 3hrs till 3:30pm. Either way, no matter what time we go in (as long as not too late, otherwise it'll qualify as KStudent), we'll be able to use for 3hours.

According to the website, the price for this is $8+++ or $10+++ (I dunno why there is two prices? – last time I went during this time the total charge per person came till around $12-$13)

(b) KStudent
2pm to 7pm (5 hours). Again, can check in at any time as long as not too late, and you'll still be able to use for 5 hours. No lunch here, but there's free flow of snacks (uh – this is kacang puteh & assorted nuts) and also includes 2 soft or hot drinks. $9+++ per person.

(c) KStudent Night
7pm to 10pm (3 hours). $12+++ per person. Includes 2 soft or hot drinks.

(d) Buffet + Karaoke
Or if you guys have a lot of cash to burn, we can go for this. $23+++ from 6pm to 10pm, includes 1 drink and a buffet dinner together with the karaoke. But I think generally we're not that affluent thanks to the efficiency of our treasurer, so we'll just strike this off the list.

What I suggest is that we watch POTC at 11:10, then go have lunch, and after lunch (around 3pm) go kbox kstudent… we can stay till around 7pm then go have dinner… that's also the arrangement all those who signed up have agreed on…

The only problem I foresee is that the discounted price is only available to kbox members, but I borrowed my friend's card and it should be fine. Last time he lent to another guy too and they just gave him the discounted rate, so same should apply now. If not we can just nominate one person to apply for a $5 card on the spot. =)

Our class hasn't gone to kbox before as a class so let's do it this time!!! We can all embarrass ourselves by our singing in front of everyone else… hahahaha nothing to be ashamed of as I don’t think any of us can really sing! Its just to go have fun and chill out… its good class bonding too! so if you're interested, pls reply below at the comments… and SEE YOU THERE!!!!!! =P

-kh and bensing

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