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Thursday, 3 May 2007

belated photos!

okay! i know i owe this class blog a lot a lot of photos! Probably everyone even forgot the existence of the photos! If you want them either download them from here or ask me for them (cause uhhh i think if you get it from me directly it's better quality) plusss there are videos of people getting dunked into the water from the sentosa trip! (if you'd rather i post them here too then uhhh tell me? ^^") thanks!

Ice cream treat by maiojing! Thanks maiojing! (liangen's in these few photos!) XD

Liang En eating ice cream happily =)

Happy Alvin and Katrina ^^

what you do when you're bored dring fire drill and cross country

better late than never right? =^^=

mr lee! XD

yay class outing from a gazillion years ago!

okaaay this took forever to upload! T_T that's all for today! more random pictures soon (i hope) i'm still debating if i should just post all the pictures of the class i have >.<"


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