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Monday, 15 January 2007


Once again thanks Jane for the treat :D

And here are some photos from the sentosa outing!

They are going further and further out to sea!

This is starting to look like a suicide pact.
Disclaimer: they are still alive :P

And they start doing squats in the water!

And doing a woosh.

Lol. Ok. Holding a non-waterproof camera phone in your hands can grant you immunity to being dunked into the sea :P

And we played zhong ji mi ma, and kat had to drink some chilli-laden soup which was (imo) super spicy, and I (dao mei la) had to propose to a flower.

The Ben&Jerry's ice cream was delicious too!

Now, JR and Jaime pls upload the rest of the photos! :D (including the one of Mr Ah Sen Sand)

To end off: nice fountain outside Vivocity! (might be outside harbourfront centre, forgot which)


  1. And yes thanks jinrong for lending slippers to me when i cut my toe :P


  2. Talking about slippers, Alvin owes me a pair of sandals after pushing me into the sea again after I denied him of a kill :P

    - Yong Zi

  3. alvin3:52 pm

    heh oops