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Sunday, 14 January 2007

haha. guess where the tickets went? =)

thanks for a fun and memorable day! thanks jinrong for organising it and wailumn for the bag (whee!) and all of you for turning up ^^ (i.e. jinrong, wailumn, jaime, kat, chiaming, alvin, andrew, aaron, yongzi, niklas and bensing.. oh. and me! -haha lame-)

it miraculously stopped raining (heavily) today (FOR ME!) after 2 days of rain! yay!

have a great week ahead!!

p.s. i shan't bring the bottle of wine on bensing's advice. if u all really want, can come my house one day to drink or sth. haha. *should've jx drank at thai express?*

p.p.s. oh. everyone should post pix on yahoo groups. =) whee!

p.p.p.s. thanks for the ben&jerry's treat! =) *omg height&weight tmr bah..*


  1. Thanks for dinner ^^

  2. Thanks for the dinner treat! And if we were going to drink it there... we might end up in a horrible state tomorrow maybe? :p

  3. you're welcome. =)

    uhh.. but so many of us, divide the 750ml by 10 = 75 ml will be that drunk meh? heh. =P