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Wednesday, 2 August 2006

The Story (Part I)

And the tale thus far.

It was a late night. Day was coming, but not the martians, because they were waiting for the sun to sleep before they dare appear. The old brown fox jumped for joy when he heard two germans talking about how goalkeepers and salads differ. French toast and syrup taste like rock and mud. Cool people roast salkins tenderly for breakfast! Firetoads prance around kaihui; icicles fell from the big blue duck with juicy tender drumsticks that taste like radioactive pink (like) the bee who ate them. Thus the bee chased Jane and settled on her hairband and wai lumn can't count, so she closed her eyes and started counting to five, slowly and deliberately, waiting for enlightenment by the great FSM but tomato sacrifices lacked. Thus pirates reigned supreme, along with the magical compass belonging to my dog your god, ruler protractor, sets square and GC. His heart thumped in darkness but stopped in the morning ...


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