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Tuesday, 1 August 2006

Class chalet?

Class chalet anyone? i'm thinking of getting one after school closes for this year, and its good to book early yarh? in anycase, please pick one of the below
a)aloha loyang
b)downtown east
c)costa sands
d)east coast
e)sentosa (errrr)
f)any other suggestions?

haha btw if we're intending to go govt chalet we'd get discounts if the person is a civil servant or an ntuc someting. dunno what. can someone clarify and volunteer their parents :D ?

ok i'm sure some of u have seen these pics b4 le, but i still think they're a bundle of laughs. they actually have them pinned up on the staff room board lol.


  1. hey! those maths jokes i have on my journal too! haha...i have one more i think, on limits. heh

  2. and as for the chalet, i recommend changi. it's very spacious and cheap too