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Saturday, 29 July 2006

Ice Cool

Hey everyone! Realised I haven't been contributing actively to the class blog, so let me dedicate my 2nd/3rd post ever on this blog to telling you guys about the Taiwanese guy whos on the immersion programme with me.

He has a really cool name: Ice. One of the first things I said to him was that "oh,你的名子超酷。我朋友也都这样认为。”Hahaha... actually the thing is that "Ice" was his own name. Apparently they had to come up with their own English names for this programme and he decided to call himself "Ice". Other exotic-sounding names in this programme include: Kendall (think Candle) and Only (你就是我的“唯一”).

Today was a really exciting day for me... remember I came to school for LEAPS... but I couldn't concentrate throughout as my mind kept drifting to what would happen in the afternoon when I see him... what would he be like? would our personalities clash? would he be too extroverted for me? or too introverted for me? what should i say to him? where should i bring him? what food does he like?

Oh and the ceremony where we met each other and exchanged gifts was damn nerve-wrecking... its like they call "no. 20 永春高中的甘家豪" and "华侨初级学院的罗凯恒".. and we went on stage to shake hands, hug and exchange presents (in that order), before going down to talk and have tea reception. Oh and the thing was, before the ceremony, the taiwanese were seated at one end of the audi and the Singaporeans were seated at the other end. then someone found out that it was arranged accordingly. ie. if i sit on the 1st row 3rd seat, my buddy would sit on the 1st row 3rd seat on his side as well. So we were all eagerly scanning the audi trying to see who our buddies would be. Then some people waved and etc. Although I knew who he was already I was still damn excited... the same thing happened to a lot of people as well, so there were lots of screw-ups when we went on stage (eg. some forgot to exchange presents, some forgot to bow, some went down the wrong way and so on).

okay i think i'll stop here. going to lau pa sat at 830 tonight to have supper with the rest of the people in this programme. Oh and after that I'm going to bring him to my st john friend's house to stay (my other friend is bringing his buddy too so it shouldnt be too 尴尬吧。。。"

cyA! he'll probably be attending his first lesson on tuesday with us.

And I'll be missing lessons all the way till noon on Monday...

-your assistant assistant CT Rep


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