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Friday, 23 March 2012

Random Update Post - US Trip!

Hi 7D!! <3

Been some time since I wrote =D

So, in December, I went to New York and California! ^_^ Just thought I'd share some photos, though there's not much of a story. Will let the picture speak for themselves.. with the aid of captions, perhaps.

This was taken at the 911 memorial. Mood was sombre. No kids playing and running around. Everybody looked solemn and not so much of a hint of smile anywhere. Maybe it was also because of the rain. We unwittingly took a picture of ourselves saying 'cheese' to the camera. Gosh.

Central Park =) It was so lovely just strolling through the park and taking in nature. Love the place.

Another very scenic place at Fisherman's Wharf!

Okay I seem to be just focusing on nature. Here's a bunch of flowers growing on Alcatraz Island. We hypothesised that it was where JK Rowling got her inspiration for Azkaban from =O 

A shot from the top of some hill in California, during the drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles. There were no railings in many of these places and so there's not much of a barrier between the good life and a spectacular death.

I am freezing less than 5 metres from Professor Snape (Alan Rickman) <3! GOT HIS SIGNATURE!!

And there was the magical Disneyland. Hahaha. Sadly, I felt a little old for the place and the queues for the rides were draining. So while waiting, I either got a tan (in the day) or froze over (at night). Love the weather at the west coast. But anyway, the thriller rides were FUN! Genting weekend trip, anyone?

That's all from me ;) Won't pass the baton. Whoever's interested, do post! Would love to hear from everyone and anyone.


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