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Monday, 16 May 2011

Class Outing!

i am terribly honoured that nik has arrowed me to plan the next class outing. it shall be in late july/early august when everyone is back and before school starts (for those of us who have yet to graduate)(congrats to those who have!! =D)

the destination: (unknown, please suggest)
the activity: (unknown , please suggest) + dinner + post dinner (unknown, please suggest)
time: 1.30pm (after lunch)

the blog is a tad stale; guess everyone has been caught up with work. hohum! hope that everyone has been having a great time no matter where you are =) life is sometimes a blur and some aspects of it may seem directionless at some point in time or another..

perhaps it looks better that way, with the colours of objects blending into each other; the picture appears more flawless when you don't look at the grainy imperfect bits. maybe all of us need such moments to make us realise that we need better lens and a better perspective.


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