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Sunday, 28 June 2009

Administrative Instructions for Class Outing on 050709


In order to promote class cohesion and improve overall morale of the class, a class outing would be organised on the 050709.


1200hrs - Fall in at IMM, duty specialist 3SG Andrew Koo to account for strength
1215hrs - Lunch
1330hrs - Walk to Chevrons
1400hrs - KBox
1900hrs - End of KBox
1915hrs - Dinner for those interested

Nominal Roll for Attendance
  1. Aaron Tay
  2. Andrew Koo
  3. Niklas Wong
  4. Yong Zi
  5. Jane
  6. Chia Ming
  7. Jaime
  8. Alvin Voon
  9. Shir Li
  10. Any other people able to attend please leave a comment!

Safety Coverage

First level of safety coverage would be buddy level checks. Second level of safety coverage would be by the medical officers in training, Mr Wee Liang En, Mr Tan Jin Rong, Mr Adrian Chia and Mr Benjamin Sing. If the medical officers were to be unavailable, laughter would be the best medicine. It would be administered by Ms Lee Chia Ming.

Signed by:

3SG Tan Yong Zi
Conducting Officer

2LT Niklas Wong
Safety Officer

Ms Jane Wu
Supervising Officer (Civilian highest rank)


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