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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

the story of the class ball~! (which should be floating somewhere on singapore river..)

YAY! it's quite amazing our blog is still alive. i know i know. i've said this like.. countless times. nevertheless!! =)))

anyway, it's kinda late and i've slept about.. 5 hours in the past.. don't-know-how-many hours cuz of stayover for movie marathon and various million other stuffs. all i can remember is running from place to place. in any case, presenting our very own 7d-wishball, with our dearest lovely model, jaime, posing with it =)) ain't it cute. got it randomly (don't know who suggested it!) when we were walking towards our normal haunt (kbox!) at suntec during class outing (woohoo~! made possible with many thanks to organiser jinrong. first in a long time and great turn out!). sorta wrote our 'wishes', though it's really more like spamming random crap like 'kaiherng sucks' (oh man so sad. who wrote this!), 'we tio scolded', 'it's a plane. it's a bird. it's a WEEMAN', 'i love chem', *various ppl* love 7d, 'kat sends love from UIUC', 'niklas is a BAD neighbour', 'soonhuat is antisocial', etc.
enjoy the pictures and squinting at them =D

it was quite a fun and hilarious attempt. and yes, we did get scolded by the people there for hogging markers ('not all of you are writing right?'), kicking the balls ('this is not soccer' or something along those lines), choosing the ball we want ('can you take those already over there'), and stuff like that o.O i guess we were rather rowdy and a tad inconsiderate.. but still =(

anyhow, here are 2 clearer pictures (my handphone camera isn't that great)!


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