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Saturday, 9 February 2008


Haha since I'm the one who brought the camera I shall blog about the class outing as well!

It was great catching up with everyone; with the guys, we blabbered endlessly about SOC, IPPT, army songs, field camp and which company is the most slack. Haha I'm sure the girls are getting tired of hearing about NS already. Forgive us - our lives are like CONSUMED by national service at this point in time and frankly/sadly, we have very little other stuff to talk about.

Anyway for the benefit of those who didn't go, we had lunch at Fish n Co where we just simply talked and talked and talked. And then we walked to cine, checked out the disgustingly exorbitant pool prices, and decided to adjourn to this crepes place at the basement for more food, and yes, you guessed it, more talk.

Talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk. (ok seriously there isn't much to blog about for this class outing. 2 words kinda sum it up: eat and talk)

Following which we went up to level 1 and tried to decide where to go next. After more catching up with each other and a typical-7D discussion which produced no real results, many of us left because we had other stuff on. Nik, Jane, Jinrong and I went to Nik's house for some mahjong and more talk. Haha. =)

It was great catching up with everyone. And just as JR was remarking, our class guys are pretty lucky because none of us got into the notoriously shiong companies. It seems that everyone is coping well, be it with work or NS. Like any other bookout, this one has passed especially quickly. So to the guys, time to get back to our chiong sua life. And to the girls, hope you ppl enjoy the rest of your working stint and get into great universities. Till we next meet =)

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  1. thanks for the photos =) it's real nice being able to hang out with the class!