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Monday, 31 December 2007

Remember, remember the 2nd of January

2 Jan to 4 Jan (3D2N). Fairy Point Chalet 2

The double-storey chalet is fully furbished with living room set with TV and games table; dining room set; 4 bedrooms (air-conditioned) and furbished with beds (1 queen-sized and 9 single-sized), wardrobe, dresser, bedside table and wall fan; 5 toilets /bath (4 attached) with shower heater; BBQ pit and a fully equipped kitchen.

BBQ dinner on 2 Jan has been booked.

All able bodied men (PES A, B, C, D, E :P) please carry 3 1.5 litre drinks to the chalet. Choice of drink is up to your discretion. Alvin will carry double the load as national service :)

What do you all want to do on 3rd and 4th? Go to beach, night cycle... must plan. So respond, thank you.


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