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Wednesday, 11 April 2007

"Describe Niklas" [10]

Haha here's my punishment-for-not-bringing-bio-notes essay. Enjoy =p

Tay Kiat Aun, Aaron

“Describe Niklas”. [10]

Niklas is a heterogametic organism belonging to the species homo sapiens in the genus Homo, family hominidae, order primate, class mammalia, phylum chordata and kingdom animalia. He is the offspring of Mr. Wong and Ms. Sommer, making him half-chinese and half-german.

Being a member of the Gifted Education Programme, Integrated Programme and Science Talent Programme, Niklas is intellectually inclined and does consistently well in his exams as long as he studies. Despite this, Niklas is not arrogant; he is in fact very humble. For example, when conferred the title as the “best looking guy in school” in a recent unofficial survey, he smiles and dismisses it, saying that there are other better looking people around.

Niklas is also very determined and committed. Niklas attends intensive canoeing training every week without fail so as to maintain his dominance in canoeing competitions. Niklas is indeed a true champion for his sport – he maintains a strong anti-drug stance even though his rivals are known to use performance enhancing drugs in a forceful show of integrity.

In addition, Niklas is diligent and does all his tutorials punctually. He consistently brings his tutorials and notes to lessons as he is well aware of the dire consequences of failing to do so. One bad habit of his, however, is that he is untidy and does not file his documents regularly. Nevertheless, this may translate to an unexpected benefit as this compensates for his mediocre memory. As he conceded, the reason why he brought his notes on homeostasis for biology tutorial one day was because he did not file it away, unlike a few other more organised students.

(Later handwrote: Niklas is also very kind and helpful - he helped me print my (this) essay.)


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