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Monday, 12 March 2007

Huang Cheng Ye Yun 2007

Yesterday, we had a mini-class outing before Huang Cheng. At 2pm, Alvin, Niklas, Aaron and I met at DoubyDhoby Ghaut MRT and proceeded to Paradiz centre for pool. That's 18.2% (3 s.f.) of the class. We played 2 on 2, swapping teams after every game. Skillwise, I think Alvin and Aaron more pro. I just have tyconess. And Niklas is the traditional strength hero who can zham balls that are packed together.

I played the first game with Alvin. Then with Aaron, and then I paired with Niklas and we were down to hitting the black ball in after Alvin+Aaron fouled. Strength heroes are suppose[d] to be pro at end game, but it seemed to backfire as the white ball riochetedricocheted down with the black :(

During the game, we tried to distract each other by calling out certain names. It was Jane for Alvin, which was almost 100% effective. Jaime for Niklas and Shirli for Aaron were merely attributed to placebo effect. And since I am the author, I have the right to self-censor :D [(re)edit: *coughcoughcough*]

Voon was top scorer with 6 games, I had 5, Aaron had 3 and Niklas 2. But I still win the Golden Ball (Boot) award for scoring 6 balls in the last game :D

When we finished with pool, it was 4.15pm already. After that, we proceeded to race down the crowded Citylink Mall to get to Suntec City to be in time for 300. When we came out of Citylink Mall, we were greeted with an immobile throng of people, extending from the exit all the way up the overhead bridge and to Suntec entrance, probably due to the IT fair. By that time, it was too late for the movie. We met Wai Lumn and Andrew and decided to go bowl at Marina Centre Square instead.

Wai Lumn was niaoing Niklas about how he could never hit above 60. Then she left for her family outing, probably certain that her prediction was true. Lol, Wai Lumn, you are so wrong.

Yong Zi















Niklas once again proves that brute force can do painful things to the poor pins. Aaron's technique was sound but he lacked oil in 2 areas. 1) On the lane, which was really dry. Ball wouldn't hook at all although it was going to the right pocket 2) In his body, like fats :P

Alvin Voon won the first leg of the competition, but I won the second game by 20 pinfalls to edge him out by 9 pinfalls overall :P Left hand rulez. Spin rulez.

After that, we met up with Chern Wei + His Friend and Katrina and decided to go for Thai Express for dinner. Katrina and Chern Wei + Friend went off for greener pastures, so it's down to us 5 guys again -__- Jaime joined us halfway though.

After dinner, we had 10 minutes to get to Victoria theatre, so we ran all the way there. We got seats all the way up, and it was very nice to know that the seats 2 rows down cost $2 more :D

The first play of Huang Cheng was centred around a bus stop and talked about the relationship of 3 couples. The story was heart warming and thought-provoking.

The second play was on 3 different people that were contemplating suicide. Who all died in the end. Okay, but not flexed out to its fullest. The potential depth of the play was not fully exploited.

The final play was named "glass shoes". There were two main characters in the play, Cinderella's prince charming (who is the rich, casanova) and Sewing Maiden's Cowherd Boy (the poor but devoted lover). Both of them were given 3 months to win the heart of a lady through their own means to win a game show. Very funny and entertaining.

Overall, it was a very nice show. The acting was good and the props were professional too.


  1. zz niaoed... next time we go bowling i go wear socks. no more slippage >_>

    and i went to edit your post to correct horrendous typos before koo comes after you wearing a 'typo police' badge and brandishing a stick.

  2. alvin9:24 pm

    gwen will be so proud of you...

  3. Sad. Can only find 1 typo.

  4. Spin imba. I can't spin properly =(