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Monday, 13 November 2006

Class Chalet!

Hey people! I'm not here to blog about class chalet but at least i'll be posting up a few of the more sucessful pictures that we took during class chalet! XD The rest will probably be in egroups after a few days because my yahoo refuses to upload my photos.

But but but: I LEARNT HOW TO RIDE A BIKE! OMG! XD thanks to : nik (who had a hand in teaching me), andrew (for teaching me and coming up with that leaning against the pole idea), yongzi (for leading me and i'm sorry for crashing into you! =/), mrlee (for screaming "CAR CAR" when we were on the main roads, bensing (for biking faster and faster), jane (for forcing me to learn!) and everyone else (like wailumn) who were so nice everytime i fell down and took ages to start again!

Class shot! Happy people! And ASRLCT looks uh cramped up. Kaiherng's fingers are chopped of somewhere. And come to think of it, it looks a lot like a family shot (with mrlee and cheryl?! or maybe cheryl and cm as the parents/grandparents) ^^

Girl's shot with ASRLCT! Freaky light thing.

Guys shot!

First biking photo!

(sorry had had had to post this) MY FIRST BIKE RIDING EXPERIENCE WHICH I MOVED! XD so i wasn't in front, but the bike still moved XP

2nd photo taking stop!

Nik. After a few hours of biking and with cooler hair but you can't really see it here. sad.

third stop. chicken backside. =x

Freaky reflection? (no photoshop here)

Cute cat!

since i was sleeping while this was taken i assume these were the people awake/not bathing at 7+?

People who rode 10 hours to esplanade and back!

I think more people should bring cameras during class outings! And someone ask miaojing to post the pictures she took too! XD THese are only a few of the 30 pictures taken... Sorry for the darkness. My flash is like weird.
Class chalet rocks! XD
I agree! Let's go kbox! I'm sure yongzi will support it XD.


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